Song(s) Of The Day


Thats awesome!

I like the shots of him shooting pool in his songwriting hangout that he shares with Sturgill Simpson. I think he was playing a little air guitar, like I used to do with my pool cue.

So good to see him enjoying himself. If anybody deserves it, he surely does.


Lotta guests in the video too. Wonder who actually plays on the song. I liked it.


Dan Auerbach, Jason Isbell, Amanda Shires and Brandi Carlisle guest on this album too.





Watch at least until after :36 in. Then it hits. Surprising what passes for good guitar work here in the US.


So I guess in other countries, the pop music is dumbed down. LCD. Melody, rhythm, content. (Yeah no.)

We in the US have a Canadian child actor, Drake, running the show.

BTW this is the only live context I’ve ever seen where the bandleader calls for a solo by the triangle player.

Which serves as an example why this nation is having more fun than mine, all the time.





(@dommodkees :wink: ↓↓↓)







Not usually a big Joe Bonamassa fan, but I love this Deep Purple cover.