Song(s) Of The Day


Mine has been A Face in the Crowd the last few weeks.

I’ve got to read that biography. I’ve had it for a while just not read it.


This was a great TP story. :coffee::coffee::coffee:


More of why Tom is awesome:

He then proceeded to tell me the terms. 1) It’s your book, Warren, your contract. 2) It’s not authorized, because authorized biographies are always bullshit. 3) I’ll help you get the interviews you need, so long as the people are willing. 4) I’ll give you all the time with me that you need. 5) I get to read it before it goes to print, and if there’s anything I feel the need to respond to, you weave my response in . . . but I’ll never tell you to take something out. It’s your book.


So I went and read the story above on TP in Rolling Stone. It is about his love of Maxwell House coffee.

Then I went to Amazon, and my page said this:




You got target marketed!





Yim Yames was on late last night.

Can’t link to links from that Fallon show though I guess…


I have on my dvr at home. How was it?

I still haven’t listened to his new album.


I liked the song and the performance. He had a choir backing him up with just an acoustic guitar.


Really? Its excellent! One my my favorites of the year.


I know. He’s got a second album coming. I’m pretty sure it’s like an acoustic version of the same album. Same songs.



Reminds me of this one - mid-century psychedelic bubble gum.



I could listen to this a hundred times. But my coworkers would complain.


This one is even better:



still no


Awwww ~ you guys are no fun!