Song(s) Of The Day




Summer of '83 ~ this was my favorite song.




That’s always a good one. <3


I love that whole album a lot and for some reason I don’t listen to any of their other albums.


I think I would have given them a try but I just never did. Dropbox? ~hint~ ~wink~ ~nudge~


uploading now. #7 and #9 are my favorites.



^^^ My brother was a big fan and this was always my favorite song of theirs.



Love Doyle Bramhall II. He’s one of the only people around that plays soul music. He co-wrote this song with Nora Jones, off his new album Shades. There’s quite a few collaborations with other artists on this one… Going Going Gone - a Dylan song with Tedeshi Trucks Band is great too.

Also he plays Heritage guitars quite often - even though I don’t believe he is necessarily somebody that endorses, or receives anything from the company.


I love Doyle, too. Quite the prolific player, performer, collaborator and artist. He’s come a long, long way from his Arc Angels days. He’s always been super talented but her could have easily been a talented asshole. :smiley:


He’s so low key and humble.

He’s playing a Heritage 535, but seems to hardly know what it is… just that the neck got broken by the airlines.

I saw the Arcangels back in the 90’s and the show absolutely blew me away.





I’m not the biggest Elton fan, but this is pretty damn good.