Song(s) Of The Day


Very nice show. I bet he had a blast.


That’s one looooooooong song in 2nd set>



We can all give up now.

Pure poetry. Best song I’ve heard so far this year.


Happy birthday Warren Zevon.



I’m in the office alone for the last hour. Just put on my Best of The Smiths Mix I made a few years ago.
So far:

Reel Around the Fountain
The Queen is Dead
I Know It’s Over :heartpulse:
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
Cemetery Gates
Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
Bigmouth Strikes Again
Death of a Disco Dancer
Girlfriend in a Coma
The Boy With the Thorn in his Side
There is a Light That Never Goes Out :heartpulse:


Get a life



I can’t leave!!


I totally understand. Some of me best friends are photocopiers


6th grade…i was 12

i xeroxed my ass for the substitute teacher.

both he and the principal laughed their asses off…my dad got a phone call but they all had a good chuckle.


LB is this a parallel story as to why you are “working late”?


it wasn’t late, just until 5.
I am lost.




Really enjoyed that Monkey. Great video too :smiley:


I really like a lot of Norwegian performers. I think Sivert Høyem is an exceptional talent.


i would apologize for being so predictable when posting about music…but i’m unabashed when it comes to what i like…but i do realize and i am aware that i really tend to stay in one lane when it comes to what i listen to…i love these lyrics even more today than ever…given my life circumstances…given our political culture…given the world and the state it is in…you all are my blood brothers…and this is a fan-fucking-tastic live version of this song…for you all.



played that one last night.