Song(s) Of The Day


You played her your period on loop? That’s unusual behaviour.


Still one of the saddest songs I know.


I cycle that way…


Seen her twice in concert. What a voice.


We saw her open for Shawn Colvin in the 90s and then with Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, and Buddy Miller ten or so years ago.


Shawn Colvin is a favorite as well. She used to play here in college (80’s) before she got a record deal. She came back around later in later years and did several shows afterwards. (she went to school here) One of her first shows at the student center had probably less than 40 of us, but she sang like it was for thousands. She signed my copy of Steady On at one show, and a flier at another. Always loved her lyrics and voice, especially on these 4 walls and Steady on.


Are you in Carbondale? That’s where she was in college, right? I first saw her on TV when was playing with Mary Chapin Carpenter and Rosanne Cash on the Dylan tribute in '92. The first time I saw her live, we drove from Bloomington, IN, to Nashville before A Few Small Repairs came out. She was playing clubs then too.


Yes Carbondale.


Did anyone catch her with RT back in the early 90s? I had seen RT several times by then but not when he was with her.


No, I remember her talking about touring with RT in interviews, but I didn’t see her until much later. Must have been great to see them together.


There are bootlegs out there…I’d have to try and find the one I have…they take turns playing and covering one another’s songs as well. He plays behind her stuff. Just the two of them.




Probably my favorite Springsteen cover:


love that. absolutely a gem of a cover.



Finally replacing Bucky Baxter in the Dukes is definitely paying off.