Song(s) Of The Day



I’ve been meaning to find Jason Isbell’s version. What a great song.



That is fantastic. Really love this guys music, and his spirit seems to be on solid ground.


Couldn’t agree more!!








Lee Ann Womack, who did some Nashville crap in the 2000s, put out this really interesting album a few years ago: The Lonely, The Lonesome, and The Gone. Nothing Nashville about that album.

A couple of tracks:


cause it’s you putting it up i’ll give it a spin when i have time.



One more.


Paul Franklin plays steel on the album. Some of it is pretty experimental. Although nothing quite like his playing with the Time Jumpers. I saw them in the Birchmere some years ago. Man, what a bunch of Meades those fuckers were, but they could play.


That’s a nice Barney Kessel.


Watched this last night. I thought it was just OK, then the song was kind of stuck in my head.

It is nice to see the Isbell’s helping out a lot of fellow musicians and songwriters. She’s a fine harmony vocalist and fiddler and he can play lead guitar that fits in with a lot of styles. Nice to see him playing old “red eye” on stage.


What, you say, more alt-country chick singers? Indeed. Her name is Leah Blevins. We saw her open for Amanda Shires last year. Great voice.


I want to watch this Strand of Oaks. All band members from My Morning Jacket (except for Jim James) are the backing band on his new album. The bass and keyboard player are on this Colbert performance with Jason and Amanda. Like a super group!!


How about some Amanda Shires for the weekend?

And my nom de guerre: