Song(s) Of The Day




My favorite picture of you
Is bent and faded
And it’s pinned to my wall
Oh and you were so angry
It’s hard to believe
We were lovers at all




Chatham county line




Looking forward to seeing Shawn Colvin tomorrow.


She is from my home town. I still have several CDs I she signed for me after smaller gigs then. Great voice. Enjoy the show!


I was trying to find the great quote of Todd Snider defending Jack Ingram when he went off to get a fancy haircut and try to make it in Nashville, which he never really did. Anyway, here are a few early tracks I like. Livin’ and Dying was produced by Steve Earle.


This is pretty Funny:


that was fun :slight_smile:


He’s got more. Some zeppelin and Pink Floyd. It almost makes you feel like you’re hearing it for the first time! :blush:


I just watched him have an eargasm.



I still get goosebumps when I listen to this track, no matter how often.

Thanks for that lb, brightened my day!


I adore Damien Rice.


Showed it to my husband. We laughed so hard. Make it stop!!