Song(s) Of The Day



got tix to see her in august


I’m late to the game. I’ve only started listening to her lately. I love Bear Creek.


Check out this Isbell track that he wrote for brandi and the highwomen…so fucking good.

SONG OF THE DAY! @mutineer


Yeah, it’s excellent, although Cocktail and a Song by Amanda Shires about her father dying is pretty damn good too:


this is perfection…repeat song for me…love these harmonies…


Um, yeah.


really getting into Blackberry Smoke:


Finally someone else that likes them. I’ve seen them a couple times and have enjoyed their shows.


I imagine they play some good shows; the YouTube videos look pretty awesome

I’ve been aware of them for quite a while, but I was reminded recently when they were featured on one of my favorite YouTube shows, Acoustic Tuesdays (by Acoustic Life). It’s a great show, and I highly recommend it, a lot of fun for the (acoustic) guitar players out there.



I was at this show. :heart:



What a fantastic cover of one of my favorite songs! Thanks for posting this, LB!


Nice! Glad you loved it.
I didn’t know the song, like so many others, until I heard The Black Crowes cover it.


The world zig-zagged and leaned. Like stepping out of a Graviton Still moving.



I saw that all the Austin City Limits shows in their archive are now up for free download!


What now? That seems like a great way to spend time indoors, watching those.


Link?? Can’t find it.