Song(s) Of The Day


The No Other album is one of my all time favourites


A song you’ll look forward to remembering to forget.



Shame on you.


song of the day!



Happy 4/20, from John Hartford.


I saw John Hartford at a folk festival in Kentucky 25 years ago. What a character. I love this song:


GREAT song. It’d been years since I’ve heard that one.

I saw him back in 1977 at a tiny gymnasium. it was less than $5 to get in. He was solo and danced a jig on his mic’d board for percussion. A master at fiddle, mandolin, guitar and one of the best banjo players to ever live.


In my opinion this is one of the greatest songs of all time.


And another GREAT song off the same album.

And yet another gem from this album, this one was the only hit song thanks to the hook.

There were several other great tunes on this album by a lot of early reggae greats… one of the very best soundtracks I’ve heard.




I’d never heard that cover.

Ironically, I was reminded of it when somebody on Twitter put it on top of a list of songs that should never be covered.


… having said that, this was my first exposure to that song.


I followed Springsteen around Germany in 1992/93, and he played it every night back then. It’s a great song. He played an Emmylou Harris song one night and brought Joe Ely on stage during that tour, and it’s really because of that that I ended up being interested in alt-country.


UB40, such a bad band. Sorry from the whole UK for that one.


Ha, yeah they drizzled out pretty quickly.

I went and saw them once and it was pretty forgettable.


One time played: