Song(s) Of The Day


Love this song! :heart:

And I love this one, too! :heart::heart:


I used to have the album Jammin’ With Edward. That second tune reminds me of that album. Raw Chicago blues, and nobody does it better.


Isn’t it wonderful? I love it when they go back to their roots.
It’s off of their 2016 Blues album, Blue & Lonesome:


Wow! This is great. I never knew this existed. I like it a lot, thanks for the heads-up UV.

Love the snarling Jagger harp and deep Chicago groove.


I’m glad you liked it! Do you want it?
I left the group box but if you want it, I’ll join again and put it in there for you.



Yes, sure if it’s not too much trouble.


I was listening to the last Petty album yesterday and this one fits the mood for sure.


No trouble at all. It’s in the box, enjoy!


I downloaded the Stones and Sturgill, and added some semi hard to find Isbell/400 Unit to the box.


Thanks!! I already have Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit Live From Welcome To 1979 EP but I don’t think I have that other single you put up.


I play this almost ever day:


It makes me so sad thinking about Neal but I love seeing him shine here. He was the star of the CRB. :heart:


I’m listening to CRB right now. Phosphorescent Harvest.


As excited as I am about the Crowes reunion, I play the CRB way more often these days.


My YouTube knows what I like:

This came on next:


I’m totally amazed by Tom Petty. What amazes me is that he put out consistently good to great albums from his very first to his last. That he was an established musician in the 70’s & didn’t suffer through a mediocre period in the 80’s like most of his peers is quite interesting to me.


And then my favorite album Wildflowers came out in the 90’s.

Yes, he was one of a kind.


And I liked his cameo in the Kevin Costner movie The Postman.


And “American Treasure” further strengthened his legacy.


I signed out of the group dropbox so you can go ahead and delete the folder whenever you want to.