Song(s) Of The Day


I watched a local acoustic group cover play Wildflower and Running Down a Dream on Saturday. They played a couple Dead tunes and a bunch of Burrito-related stuff as well.



“ … He asked what happened to Charlemagne
She just smiled all polite-like and said something vague
She said Charlemagne got caught up in some complicated things
Then she wiped at her nose and she winked…”


And now this song has created the deepest of earworms for me.


True classics. And I think that the recently released outtake is even better (if that is even possible).



Keef! :heart:




^^^ Good Time is my favorite on Hard Candy. That and Up All Night make that album for me.


(insanely good unreleased alternate version from “Greatest Hits” documentary)


one of my favorite songs of his. ever.



Yeah. And keeping this version in the vault should be punishable by law (if it was, he would most certainly do time the rest of his life, considering “Janey Needs a Shooter (1978)”, “Atlantic City (electric)”, “Seeds”, “Jolie Blon (lead vocals)”, etc, etc, etc, etc etc).


were you able to see him on the 2016 river tour?

this was a great one from that tour.


No, unfortunately not. Late 70s-early 80s is for me where it’s at (mostly, at least), so missing out on seeing him doing a lot of that classic stuff will (rightfully) haunt me for the rest of my days …


Just incredible, now that I had an opportunity to listen to it (I have two small-ish kids, so time is sometimes – ok, mostly – cheap around the house).


This is the content we crave.


I can give you as much stories as you want about taking care of sick kids, doing laundry, changing diapers, etc., if you are into that stuff, but I will charge you steeply.


Keep the diaper goodies in a separate thread. :upside_down_face: