Song(s) Of The Day


Whoa, you want a whole thread devoted to diapers, now? Okay, we’ll fire that baby up later, but back on track:


I love The Felice Brothers. I have all of their albums. Even the rare self-released ones. Those can fetch around $100 each on Ebay or Discogs these days.


They are truly awesome. But never better when Simone was in the band. Those harmonies … and freaking cool you got those (rarities already back then)!


He’s really good solo too. Caught him a few times in a tiny venue in Nottingham, England.






Slack Keef shines on that one.




I was living in LA and working as a bartender when I saw the Joe Ely Austin City limits show and he covered Gallo del Cielo by Tom Russell. I went to work the next day and enthusiastically told Shannon, a girl I worked with, about the song and what a great piece of writing it is.

She started crying.

Turns out she was Tom Russell’s daughter and was incredibly moved by someone praising her father’s work. She remembers him writing songs in the garage, where he would go do his work. Great writer.


Two of my favorite Tom Russell songs:


That is truly a beautiful story, highlife. And it makes me very happy that there are others who love his music on the forum (a measure of quality, if ever there was one). Yesterday I started wondering why it has been a bit quiet from him for a time (at least relatively speaking) and posted the song. And there are so many others to choose from – his catalogue is monumental. One of the great (and most overlooked) American artists of the 20 th and 21 th century, if you ask me.



Another time, another hi-res youtube upload of an unreleased song:


the jerk i hate to love.

love and miss this sound and miss particular brand of ryan.


Me too.

I loved Whiskeytown, and I remembering playing those first two records for my friends, saying check these guys out… but nobody else loved them like I did.

Which is probably how I ended up on