Song(s) Of The Day


My gen-x x-husband is living with his dad…. For as long as he can.


How that song doesn’t mention Winona Ryder is beyond me.


Also, this is a great interview with both Todd and Will. Back when people’s attention span hadn’t been shot.


That’s it.

I’m buying tickets to see Todd Snyder next month even if it is by myself!


Thanks for posting that article, I enjoyed it.




Really takes a bit of effort to find info on this show, but I did. I like Aaron Lee Tasjan too!

Todd Snider: Pickin’. Grinnin’.
Tellin’ Stories. Takin’ Requests.
w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan

Bell’s Eccentric Cafe
March 11, 2022 8:00 PM
Doors Open: 7:00 PM


The Chicago show is sold out.



This falls on the day of my dad’s funeral… i’ll likely have to miss it.


I have two girls and Frozen has been watched hundreds of times in our home. Grab some hankies, folks.

“Let it go, let it go / You’ll never see me cry / Here I stand and here I stay / Let the storm rage on”.


Look at him all grown up with short hair. Is it just me or does it look like he’s playing the food court of a closed down mall?



He cleans up well

I’m hoping he gets to Montana again

He put in a great show here precovid


I also put on a great shoe.
Especially right now since I’m only wearing one with my broken foot. :kissing_heart:


Stupid tiny phone keyboard

I love my iPhone mini
But my fat fingers don’t


Last time I saw him in KC.


I went with the mini this time too. Closer to the size of my old SE that I loved.

My company got me an 11 and I hate it — too big for my pockets, doesn’t fit well in my hand. And I still fat thumb everything I try to type on it….


You should try a swipe keyboard, just drag through the letters. I find it a game changer


It has swipe

But I still just had to correct swipe grime swore



Boo :unamused: