Song(s) Of The Day



Really nice indie-folk album. Sounds a bit like early Dawes. Greg Leisz on steel guitar.



Did I mention Greg Leisz on steel? I went to Boston once to see him play with Dave Alvin. I hope he’s still in Jackson Browne’s band. Easy listening or not.



Great call, thanks. Just streaming their latest, really like it.



Yes, it’s strangely compelling. There are some great lines, like

You’re always busy on the weekend
Chasing down a daydream
Come home crying that your friends are fake

But Greg Leisz really adds so much. And Boys of Summer has always been a guilty pleasure for me. Anyway, it’s been on repeat for a couple of days now.


I guess I knew that Dave Rawlings produced this album, but I didn’t know that Richard Bennett and Paul Franklin play on it.


Great cameos by Dave and Gillian, and also John Moreland. I don’t recognize a lot of the other people.


Great album. I like Dawes, Taylor can play live. Griffin a great drummer too.


Yeah, I’ve been going back to some Dawes albums, in part because I was enjoying Griffin’s drumming on The Grand Southern album.


Great stuff. About Goldsmith, the Middle Brother album is a personal favorite:



This is from the show I went to. If you can see Sierra Ferrell, do it!



One more:




Just in time to South Carolina announcing that they’ll execute a man by firing squad soon.