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If I was Saturday night / And you were Sunday morning / For a fleeting moment we could touch at midnight / And in that moment, could you really know me?


An honest question about Todd, what would be your top picks from his albums from Agnostic Hymns … and onwards? Though I am a big fan, I have found it hard to get into his later stuff. (For example, I suspect that Agnostic Hymns could have been a great album if it had been cut in a more countrified style but I have not cared for that album much.)


Yeah, it’s been tough for me too. I think the Cash Cabin Sessions are the best of the bunch. There’s a place in Talking Reality Television Blues, where he explains what a talking blues is, that had me laugh out loud. I want to like Agnostic Hymns, because Amanda Shires on there, but other than Too Soon to Tell, nothing has stuck with me. I have tried to get into First Agnostic Church, but I could never listen to it to the end. I think around 10 years ago, he finally smoked so much dope that the effect is irreversible.


New album coming:


Yeah, completely agree. Thank you! If I could add one song that is any good, it would say “Working on a Song” but I suspect that I want to like it more than I actually do. A bit similar with Hard Working Americans. As much as I loved Neal’s playing, I think that the polished virtuoso style was a bad fit for old Todd. Guess that some of those songs would have worked very well in his rambling and stripped down style.


Yes, Working on a Song and Watering Flowers in the Rain are both good.


Thank you for “Watering Flowers …” – I had completely forgotten about that one – I obviously did not listen carefully enough to Wash Cabin. A solid gem, for sure. So glad I asked and once again muchas gracias for the input!




I have to say though, I sat through a Sheryl Crow show last summer, because she was playing before Jason Isbell at Wolf Trap in DC, and it was really boring. But then I have never even listened to a full Morrissey song. So, this guy’s knee is a bit of a mystery to me.


Yeah, besides the killer refrain of “If It Makes You Happy”, Sheryl Crow’s recordings leaves me cold. Heck, even that song is mostly plodding, besides the refrain. She must have a winning personality going for her or something.

I am a recovering Morrissey nerd (gave up on him in the mid 90s), so it is hard for me to dismiss his songs completely, although I would very much like to. No tattoos, fortunately. But I would say that a crossed out Morrissey tattoo is not half bad.


My comment to my husband was thank god I never got a Ryan Adams tattoo, I’d have to cross it out in favor of Jason Molina.


This is true, when I was thirteen or fourteen I wanted a Guns N’ Roses tattoo really bad. Never happened, of course. Talk about a self-inflicted stigma.


The real question is if you have the Black Flag bars on your upper arm…


The Cold Roses logo. If I were a tattoo-kinda person, I would have gotten that back in the day. Really dodged a bullet.


No tats whatsoever. Not evan a tribal on my loin. But I have actually been thinking about covering my body with my daughters temporary tattoos this summer for a day at the beach. Think 20-30 tattoos of unicorns, fairies and princesses would turn some heads.


Yeah, but then they’d definitely think that you’re a Ryan Adams fan.


The only band tattoo I’ve considered at any length is an X one.

Though I do have a Butthole Surfers butthole tattoo on my inner wrist, copied from from their Widowermaker! ep.


It’s just the purple part there, just the butthole.