Song(s) Of The Day




Hell yes!!!





The cicadas are a nice touch here.




Charlie Sexont! Swoon!


awesome! I saw her open for Gregory Alan Isakov some 7 years ago in Northampton, MA at the Calvin Theatre. She was so great. I’ve been generally keeping tabs on her since then. Looking forward to this!


finally figured out the intricacies of this one on guitar. Love this one



i love Sheryl crow too…like she’s a bad ass and i think she is an amazing musician and talented pioneer rock woman. and what a voice.

but i saw her live and i remember being so excited and just at the beginning, middle, and end we were all like this sucks. this is not fun being here. the energy of her and the band on stage just fell short. i saw randy travis a month earlier on that same stage…i’m not a randy travis fan but it was something to do on a thursday in billings, mt …he had a better stage presence and was more engaging…



Little known fact–that song was co-written by Bill Danoff, best known as a member of the Starland Vocal Band, who wrote their only real hit, ‘Afternoon Delight.’




Is Iris Dement the Dead Prez or Scarface of country music? This is what I call in-your-face lyrics. Awesome album - Graboff plays on it, too.



Can’t believe this band hasn’t been mentioned before on here. Most excited I’ve been about a new act since I first stumbled on Ryan 20 odd years ago