Song(s) Of The Day


What? They’re old guys who got together the same year Whiskeytown broke up… are you a chatbot?


Chatbots have a higher IQ.


And better taste.


No idea where u got idea that they’re old guys from. Australian band that formed as teenagers in 2010. Slowly built up fanbase and played three nights at red rocks last October. Anyway here’s their latest since Ur all loving it so much :rofl:







Looked up some live stuff and couldn’t get into it at all.


I wouldn’t start with live stuff. They’ve made 20 odd albums in 10 yrs and experimented in different genres including 2 metal albums and 3 albums with microtonal tunings which they sometimes play whole in concert. Start with more recent albums from last year or year before and see if it’s your thing. Anything prior to 2017 is v.raw, garagey.





This is so good. I hope an album is coming


Agree. Not a true-blood fan of Beck but that one is really fantastic. His best music since Sea Change, to use a familiar cliché.



This new cover from Rufus Wainwright and Brandi Carlile is nice.


I’ve got some friends that are photographers and cohorts that have started a company that does music video productions. They’ve done some really nice work with some great musicians.




I saw John Prine and Iris DeMent do a bunch of the duets off In Spite of Ourselves in Atlanta. A great concert.