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I saw Joshua Ray Walker in concert last night. He’s really fantastic live. Well worth it if he comes your way.






Too frenetic for day drinking.


That’s better. Nothing more soothing than a good 3:4 time signature.



Eric Taylor






Big Wipers fan here. Many years ago, went to go see Greg Sage in Seattle, the RCKCNDY as I recall. There was like maybe 30 people there. How that band couldn’t have a bigger following even after the hip bands covered them is surprising to me.

And the show was phenomenal.


Do you have or have you heard this:


I got that back in '92, I think. I love Hole’s version of Over The Edge. There’s a bunch of good stuff on there. Those bands really did justice to the Greg Sage/Wipers songs. Greg Sage & The Wipers are one of the most underrated bands from that late 70’s/early 80’s scene. So many acts from the Seattle grunge era paid homage to them pretty frequently but it didn’t seem to help their record sales much.

I pretty much have all of The Wipers & Greg Sage solo releases. I think this 3 disc set of the first three albums & non-album stuff is absolutely essential. And it’s pretty inexpensive to boot.


Yeah those first three albums rule.