Soul music


Growing up I used to love Soul music. It wasn’t exactly Motown, but that fit into it for sure.

Some of my favorites were Sly and the Family Stone, The Temptations, Al Green, Curtis Mayfield and the Isley Brothers.

That genre seems to have all but disappeared, save for a few retro kinds of acts…

Leon Bridges I guess, sort of tries to go there?

Know any Soul bands worth checking into?


Not really any modern soul but I love all that stuff. Mary Wells, The Impressions, Bobby Womack. A lot of the rap I listen to have really great soul references whether it’s a sample, a line or just the feel.

Mavis Staples’ new album is fantastic and has that old soul feel. Ben Harper really did a hell of a job producing. She was clearly in her element on this one.

Have you heard of Samantha Fish? She’s a blues guitarist but probably one of the best soul singers out there right now.


Then there’s this


Joss Stone


I do like Samantha Fish, but she seems more Blues than Soul.

Quite a few vocalists lean on that style at times, but the music itself must seem too dated… but maybe that will be what draws people to it eventually.

The Neville Brothers put a nice New Orleans twist on it for a while.


The stuff Samantha Fish has been doing for the last year or so has sounded more in the Amy Winehouse vein. Her singing has improved so much over the past couple years. I’m not into butt rock blues she did earlier but she does it well.

Oh wait, modern soul. Frank Ocean.


Don’t know how I forgot him, but D’Angelo is the absolute shit. His band is incredible too. You can see this whole concert and I highly recommend it.

Also Lizzo. She kicks ass.


Thanks for the tip’s.

I’ll check out the new Samantha Fish, Frank Ocean and D’Angelo.

It can be kind of hit or miss with me. When it gets into that Mariah Cary, vocal acrobatic style I immediately check out.


Same here for the most part. Frank Ocean does some Stevie wonderesqe runs that can be tedious if you’re not into that. D’Angelo will be your best bet of that lot I think.


Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley are 2 people to check out, sadly they have both passed away within the past few years, still worth looking into. Chastity Brown, although she tends to lean folk/soul.


I like Charles Bradley’s music.


I like what I’ve heard from Charles Bradley as well. I got to see him before he died. Fun set at Forecastle one year.

It’d be really cool if people want to post some of their favorite songs and I can put together a Soul mix. Will put in Dropbox once completed. Could be a fun project. :sunglasses:


One of my favorites, by William Bell.

I think both of these have been shared here before, but they are both great.