I know a lot of you don’t care for sports, but I’ve always had a love for a lot of sports. I collected baseball cards as a kid and I still have a lot of them. I found a set of 8x10 color photos of the '68 Tigers that brought me back to going to the games in Tiger Stadium with my dad. I also had a love/hate relationship with Denny McLain… the last pitcher to win 30 games.


Denny fucking Mclain


Here’s an Al Kaline from the same set.

I’ve done searches online for these photos to try to make sure they are from 1968 and I can’t find any of these photos online anywhere.

Correction - I found some uses of that Denny McLain image and it sounds like it was shot in 1966, maybe we got this set in 1967.


My cousin used to live in Anniston Alabama… I had never heard this story about Ty Cobb.

As you can probably tell, balv I’m ready for baseball season to start.


as you probably guessed and already know and assume…i was ready for baseball the minute it stopped.

not going to spring training again this year…have to wait and see what happens w/ covid.


When’s the draft in the fantasy leagues? Anybody interested in joining another free league? In other words, yes I’m ready for baseball.


I’ll be in this year.

I may even draft my own team! …if I remember.


I only know this story because Bill Simmons had a blog called Grantland.


Grantland Rice was a great sports writer way back. Back when the written and spoken word were the only “media”.

Here’s a great story he did on the Four Horsemen


Ty Cobb and Luka Magnotta both understood the importance of championing your own brand.




Don’t know who that is, but Luka Garza got owned last night!

Update: I googled this clown, but have no interest in murderers or murders. That’s my wife’s thing, she’s obsessed with murderTV… maybe I should be worried.


Can someone else join this free league? I need at least one more person. It will be pretty casual since a few of these people have never played season long fantasy before. I also sent some invites out via email, so sorry if I spammed anyone.


i joined


“Every once in a while, Tiger Woods has to remind us he’s part Asian,” [some comic]


I’m a basketball fiend.


I am too. At least with college basketball. Watching the Big 10 this year has been interesting to say the least. So many really good basketball teams.

Do you follow Gonzaga, from out there in your area? They seem really impressive - yet seemingly every year they go through the regular season without much competition, only to get upset in the tournament.


I do keep an eye on Gonzaga but I mainly watch the NBA. No one I know watches the NBA anymore, most hate it and it’s too bad because the play level is insane. I guess it’s pretty glitzy but I only watch the quarters and don’t pay attention to the other stuff. I grew up in San Diego where we had the Clippers for a while (will always love Bill Walton) but I didn’t care until I lived here in Seattle and the Sonics we’re killing it with Payton and Kemp in the mid nineties. My favorite Christmas gift from this year was a Kemp jersey.
I prefer watching sports over almost anything else because it’s happening in real time. I’m not always totally engaged but it’s usually running in the background if the TV is on at all which is not usually. I think that’s a family carry over thing.


I probably mentioned this before, but I helped create an animated online game using the Sonic’s gorilla mascot. Can’t remember the thing too well, but it was something like a game of horse you played against him. I’ve got a couple screenshots or something somewhere.

Not a big NBA fan, but I did love the Pistons back in the “Bad Boys” era. Loved watching Billy Laimbeer and Ricky Mahorn beat people up… and of course Dennis “The Worm” Rodman.

Also- Bill Walton has been my favorite ever since watching him play for John Wooden and the UCLA Bruins back when I was a kid. I got to hear him speak in a small setting for the local boys and girls club. He was very engaging and funny as hell. I wanted to ask him about Jerry Garcia, but never got a chance. After speaking for over two hours he invited everyone there to join him for cocktails at a local bar, where he could continue the storytelling… I had to drop my dad off or I would have gone for that as well.


Oh man I would have loved that. My husband saw him in New York running stairs some years ago. Got a friendly hello out of him. If he’s calling a game, I’ll watch no matter who’s playing. It’s been a while.

I don’t recall that game at all but that’s very cool! I met the guy who created the Ghostbusters logo a couple days ago. I love that stuff.