The game was relatively short-lived, I believe. One of those janky early flash games you used the keyboard keys to make shots. I’m sure I would think it is embarrassingly lame nowadays. I did kind of like Squatch, their mascot though.


Aww. I miss Squatch. Last Sonics game I went to had a vintage Patrick Ewing at center. I could hear his knees creaking from my seat.


The NBA is totally my thing too. I don’t like watching college basketball. I hate the longer shot clock, the five foul thing, and halves. That said…I would rather watch college than watch a James Harden game.

My favorites sports to watch in order…

  1. Basketball
  2. Tennis
  3. Golf


I’m not a fan of Harden either. I’m still fascinated by the Nets. I’ll always love Durant and Kyrie’s super fun to watch. Last year’s all star game was great. I hope they use the same format this year.


I know college basketball isn’t as entertaining as the NBA but that’s all I’ve ever watched (outside of the Jordan era in the 90s). We haven’t had a pro team in KC since the Kings left in the 80s so this just isn’t as much of an NBA town. Kansas vs Missouri used to be one of the biggest rivalries in the country but Mizzou ruined that when they left the conference. Anyway, I’m a KU fan when I have time to watch. They’re having a pretty lackluster year by their standards though.


Rest In Peace Marvelous Marvin Hagler.

Boxing was great back in the 70’s. I remember watching the fights with him, Sugar Ray Leonard and my favorite Tommy “The Hit Man” Hearns.


Found my ticket stub from Michigan playing basketball vs Notre Dame in South Bend back in 1992. This was the first game that all (fab) five freshmen started for the Wolverines. Juwan Howard, from that team is Michigan’s coach now and I am pulling for them in this year’s tournament.


Started our disc golf league last night.

REALLY great to get back out there and play. In our league you are basically just playing against your average and trying to improve. Normally I start out poorly and work my way up to mediocre. Last night I climbed all the way up to mediocre, for me. Six over par would have been a bit better than my average from two years ago, the last time I played. I was pleased that I hadn’t lost anything in the year and a half since I’ve really played… especially in the windy conditions last night.

As you get older your body breaks down and athletic endeavors become more of a struggle and are often accompanied with pain. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to still play a sport that is in my opinion very demanding physically.


A friend that was playing in our group last night said he played a round on Saturday and hit a squirrel with his drive. Made me think of this incident.


Got to see him pitch his last game for us before the dome imploded.


Baddoo, the Tigers rookie is a bad ass.

First major league pitch is an opposite field homer, after hitting 215 in A ball two years ago and having Tommy John surgery.

His second game he hits a grand slam, his third game he hits a walk-off game winner.


Tigers postponed their game yesterday because of the snow and now have a double header today.

Do you think they’ll notice the extra outfielder?


Now this was some crazy shit.


that was so crazy!!! the dude just had to touch first base…baseball is still fun to watch but the fundamentals have seemingly gone out the window. i’m not sure if it’s a lack of drills at spring training…but the basics are being forgotten…

but, still, this was so fun to watch!


Yeah, hard to believe that run-down took place. Should have made him go back to home!

I was watching a game with my dad the other day and he brought up the fact that with all the shifting, you could just bunt for a single on any at bat… but nobody knows how to bunt anymore.


exactly! the days of whitey herzog and small ball are gone…but, like all things, they arc back and hopefully an adjustment will be made.


Kalamazoo native Derek Jeter will be inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame on Sept. 8 this year.

One of my favorite players even though he was a fucking Yankee.



i do love that amazing bastard.


I wonder if my card of him in his Kalamazoo Central high school uniform will go up in value…


Same. Love him, hate his team.