The fact that “Brexit means Brexit” is trending on Twitter after England lost the Euro finals to Italy cracks me up.


Sports is way more interesting than Ryan Adams.


uh yeah.

How 'bout ol Pete Alonso and that awesome home run derby last night?


Didn’t watch.


Can you name 10 players that were on your favorite baseball team when you were 10?
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Al Kaline
Bill Freehan
Denny McLain
Micky Stanley
Micky Lolich
Jim Northrup
Willie Horton
Don Wert
Dick McAuliffe
Gates Brown


Will Clark
Matt Williams
Kevin Mitchell
Dave Dravecky…?? i don’t think this one is right
gary carter
robby thompson
jose uribe???

this is it…


Daryll Porter
Keith Hernandez
Tommy Herr
Ozzie Smith
Kent Oberkfel (sp?)
Lonnie Smith
Willie McGee
George Hendrick
Bruce Sutter
Juaquin Andujar…not sure
Andy Van Slyke…not sure
Pete or George Vukovich…not sure


1984 st louis cardinals?




San Francisco Giants …1989?

Was Brett Butler on that team?

And was Jeffery “Hackman” Leonard still there then?


I remember those Giants with Kevin Mitchell. They were a fun team to watch. 1990?


The Cardinals have always been our nemesis as a Tigers fan. They ALWAYS seem to do more with less.




i just looked.

yes butler sure was!!!


The sad part is I don’t think I could name ten players on the current Cardinals team. I’m just not the diehard I was back then. They’re still my favorite baseball team. But, I’m more of a casual fan these days.


I miss baseball from that era. Teams that played small ball. Singles, walks, stolen bases, solid pitching & solid defense.


I certainly don’t follow it like I did as a kid. Watching the All Star game the other night I had never heard of about half the players.

When I went to the All Star game in Detroit (in 1971) I knew more about every player on those rosters than I do about any player now. I would study the players’ averages and ERA’s, printed out each week in the Sunday paper.

But my mind is crammed with useless knowledge… I could probably tell you complete starting lineups from 3 or 4 teams from that era even today.

Strat-O-Matic baseball ≥ Fantasy Baseball


This made me really happy.

Also getting that other guy with the #1 pick… I might even watch some games now.


College sports are poison to academia, an unrelated and stupid distraction from actual learning. Universities aren’t a minor league for major sports, nor should they be.




What’s there to discuss? It’s axiomatic.