Well, I do think it’s exploitative to take advantage of low-income POC talent and refuse to pay them despite them making a shit-ton of money for the corrupt institution, but I’m sure you already knew that.


Well, if we start paying them, I want results, as anywhere–anywhere–pay is performance based. Losing season? Pay back the money you lost. Not just your ‘pay,’ but any decline in merch and ticket revenue.

But I think the whole thing would be better served if the major sports (football and basketball) just started their own minor leagues and didn’t depend on universities to fund it and do it for them. That way the people that feel entitled to watch ‘amateur’ athletes early in their careers could still do that.

But the concept is like having a large biotech firm hand wash your company cars for you. That’s not the business they are in.


With NIL licensing now, college athletes can make money off their likeness - Jerseys with their name on them, autographs, social media accounts etc. - which is at least a step in the right direction.

Here’s how college athletes are getting paid


The NBA does have a developmental exhibition team called the G-League Ignite that play in the G-League. Last night three players were drafted from the Ignite, including the second overall pick. I know it’s not a true farm league or whatever, but the G-League has been more effective lately.


It’s a step…but the kids still need to be paid by their athletic departments.


Yes, obviously some sports are worse than others, but it’s still basically unpaid internship with manual labor. Our bodies are all aging linearly, undue stress to them speeds that process up. All athletes are looking at a very small window of potential career. My husband had pointed out that those of them that do make it into a professional league are fairly compensated for those years that they were not, however, those of them that don’t get drafted, especially in dangerous sports like football and hockey are left with life-long injuries and no compensation which is not even to speak of the time commitment to two-a-days, travel, all that fun malarkey.


The vast majority of college athletes never play pro sports. Most sports don’t even have professional leagues to move into.

Many of the big name athletes only play a year or two in college in order to showcase their talents to the scouts.


Right, and it’s the universities and high schools that are participating in the money grab. No one is holding a gun to the head of the institutions and making them buy these crazy stadiums, they’re an investment for profiteering.

The year my high school budget cut the orchestra program due to lack of funds, our football team got all new pads and uniforms… my football team hadn’t won a single game three years running. This isn’t about the sports, it’s about the bureaucracy and politics. The schools themselves are the problem, but they’re pandering to the real problem, I guess. I agree with Highlife to a point, but I’m anti-organization and pro-teacher/student.


Seattle Sounders started 5 teenagers last week. 15, 16, 18 (2) and 19 and they won!


Holy crap, @thebalvenie the Cubs had a fire sale… but your Giants ended up with Kris Bryant.


And the Kraken got a lot of good picks too!


the dodgers, if they can be healthy within the next coming weeks, will be fucking loaded.




Miggy hits number 499 in Baltimore!

Only 50 hits to go to reach 3,000. He has picked up the pace lately, I think if he stays healthy he will get it this year.


that would be wonderful and very deserving for one of the greatest in the history of the game


I have had mixed feelings the last few years, but now I’m back on the Miggy train.


Apologies for that half time “show” from the Jets Falcons game in London. We have so many great artists, no clue where they find that bell-end.


I just witnessed the greatest comeback in Ravens history. Man that shit was tense…and then so fun!!!


I was curious if anyone in your family was still a Colts fan?


Nope. My grandfather and my Dad were but both are long gone.

Everyone else is all Ravens!
How could you not love Lamar??

So many Ravens fans in Louisville now too since Lamar is a local hero around here too.