Yeah, Lamar is something else.

Just wondered about your family and if they hate or love the Colts… Are you even old enough to remember them being in Baltimore?


I am yes. I was 9-10 when The Colts left Baltimore. I remember that we had the Baltimore Colts more than I remember the details of them leaving.

My dad and brother were always more into baseball.

If The Orioles ever left my brother’s life would be over.


Let’s talk about how awesome the new Seattle Kraken’s logos are.


I don’t know. I was kind of disappointed. Was hoping for a full blown octopus swallowing the space needle.


My friend’s son - number 54 on the right - is going to get to play in a bowl game!

Even if it’s the Idaho Potato Bowl… that trophy looks incredible.


The four NFL playoff games this weekend were all pretty great.

The first three games all came down to being decided in the final second. Then the fourth game, the Chiefs vs the Bills was one for the ages. Best football game I’ve seen in years.


Agreed. The first three games all were won by the underdog, not the home team, and all by a field goal.

Since I live with a Chiefs fan, I’m glad tonight’s game didn’t end the same.

I can’t help but like Josh Allen and Diggs, but I was pulling for The Chiefs! I love Kelce and Tyreek. Just amazing.

Incredible game tonight.


Had a lot going on but luckily caught the end of both games today.


I was busy and preoccupied as well and really only watched the end of all those games.

But that was all that was required. Getting more like the NBA every day.

Did watch (closely) the last five minutes of that last game though.


i don’t watch football. just the super bowl


Exactly the same. Funny you would say the NBA. We were saying “buzzer beaters”. So exciting!


The NBA, NHL, PGA, boxing and tennis are what I enjoy the most. I watched the NFL games this past weekend, but I would still rather watch any of the sports I just mentioned.




I’m happy for The Bengals.

With The Chiefs out now I’ll be all in for Cincinnati for the Super Bowl!


A bunch of my friends are thrilled that the Rams are going, but I don’t really give two shits. They all love Stafford because they are Lions fans and having one of their traded players make the super bowl seems like validation.

I’m sure this won’t be a popular opinion, but I wish Tom Brady would have made it again.


I’m glad to see new blood getting a shot at the big game!


Mahomes and Reid melted down in the second half with what should’ve been an easy win once they got up 21-3. Pretty disappointing but they’ve done it before. I don’t have a dog in the fight anymore, but I see no conceivable way that the Bengals can beat the Rams right now.


I’m not a golfer, but my dad was and he was good at it. He got a couple hole in one’s in league play and was able to shoot his age. After he died my mom kept asking me if I want his clubs… I said I guess so, some friends have been asking me to go out (ball) golfing with them.

I took his clubs and when I was inspecting them I found this driver. I thought to myself maybe golf is for me after all.


I went on a driving range in Georgia and it was funner than I thought. Had to start with an iron because I’m a noob, but would do again.


I’m going to give it a try this summer. I used to golf when I was 10-12 years old. I think I should be left handed, but I never had any left handed clubs so I have always swung right handed. I went out and played with my dad twice, maybe ten years ago and he was in his mid-80’s and still kicked my ass.