I watched the World Series last night. There was a no-hitter.

That was cool.


it was cool but fuck the 'stros!

go phillies :slight_smile:

here’s to a phillies win tonight.


Well, that’s not very nice.


I’d like to see Verly do his thing, but I guess I’d prefer a Philly ring.


i love verlander too…but i want the Phillies to win more. and i love harper


wanna bet?


I’m partying now!
My Wolverines vanquished the evil Buckeyes once again.



Pass the Dutchie is my fantasy football team name.


Getting lathered up around these parts.


Well, that sucked.


Oh no you lost?

Today is a big day for Fantasy Football as I made it to the Super Bowl in my money league!

I’ll at least double my money if I finish 2nd.


Snurfing season!


cool ad
shitty sport :slight_smile:


Any sport that leaves one hand free to hold your beer is a good sport.


i’ll drink to that!


Snowboarding you have two free hands, double that beer.



We used to just stand on the rope. Then we would usually have a Mickey’s Big King in one hand and use the other for balance.


The Chiefs pulled out the win!! :heart:
Back to the Super Bowl!!


Also multiplies the chances of a stinky superman into a face plant.


booo! not rooting for either of these teams but i guess philly will have to do.