Stuff I Live My Life Around


My plan for this thread is to show you each piece of art I have hanging in my house, and to invite you to do the same.

I’m starting like you’re coming into the front door of my house and working piece by piece, so we’re off to a slow start here.

For your consideration is the first thing I live my life around. It is a reproduction of a Guinness advert, standard movie poster size, so quite large. I enjoy it because even once my kids learn to read, they will have no idea what the words on this poster mean… I’m not even exactly sure what the hell it means. I am a big fan of anthropomorphic paintings, especially from the Victorian era, and so while this is not exactly that, I like to imagine that these sea creatures are too busy arguing to realize they’re about to be boiled, and conveniently, the fish has brought a courgette to the rumble.

Do you have things you live your life around that you want to show us? How did you pick those things? Why do they resonate with you? I’ll make another post tomorrow with the next item hanging in my kitchen.


this is more my wife’s forte.

if you all want a picture of my garage and shed…i’ll gladly show you my decorations in there. i LOVE neon signs and i’m wanting to start just a small collection.



i love guinness and i love old beer adverts as well. i collect them as well.


I like this idea, of course.

This is a 3-color woodblock print by Japanese printmaker kiyoshi Saito. It was bequeathed to me by my aunt before she died. I am very fond of this print and this artist, who I have done a bit of research on and I was surprised to see that five of his prints are in the permanent collection at our local art museum.


One of my favorite places in Kalamazoo closed a few years ago. They had the greatest collection of breweriana that I’ve ever seen. They had many originals of those Guinness posters and other memorabilia. My dad had a job there as a pin-setter back when they had 4 bowling lanes.


My garage is usually much more organized…



And a Montana sunset



And those outdoor photos are nice too.


I love the garage photos, balv. Reminds me of an etching I did of my parents garage many years ago.


I’ve said before but, I love your etchings, Doug.


Thanks. I was really into Louise Nevelson and Jim Dine back when I did this one.


Few favorites around the house:

Aside from the Grateful Dead print the rest are from shows that I went to which makes them more special to me. :heart:


That is a great collection, LB.


This is not exactly art (in fact, it’s an unused snot rag), but… for completeness’s sake.

My husband has a proclivity for claiming things that people don’t need any more and putting them to use. When I met him, most of this stuff and even most of his clothes were not things he’d actually picked up, but things he’d taken out of his various basements from a changing cast of roommates. I had met him working at a very weird and very specific call center. When he had started working there a year prior he had exactly two shirts to wear and both had belonged to a much shorter roommate. He’d been pretty clinically depressed and working for cash for his landlord for several years, so he didn’t have anything “business casual” to wear.

One of his roommates he loves to tell stories about was probably about four inches taller than me. His name was Sam. Sam was always trying to make $10 last four weeks and doing things like eating plain white rice with plain black beans for four meals a day. He was obsessed with mountain biking and hammocking (a goofy passtime where you… wander around until you find a place to put a hammock, then hang out in the hammock for hours before finding another place that you can hang your hammock… it’s weirdly popular with the young set around here. I just keep my hammock in my yard…). He was always getting spur of the moment ideas that he then had to execute before he changed his mind and one of these was that he was going to totally redecorate his room.

So this Homerun Hanky is one of the items that Sam purged from his room. My husband is a baseball fan, he loves being disappointed by the Twins every year, so when I met him, this was hanging above his bed. I asked him about it right away, because he was not alive in 1987. He told me he’d taken it from the basement and I knew right then and there that someday this was going to be hanging in my kitchen under my red clock.

I love collecting things that have years of significance attached to them. I have a vintage button collection of patriotic holiday celebrations in the town I live from the year I was born, I bought my vintage Zenith watch because it was manufactured the year my mother was born, I just threw out my Neil Young and Crazy Horse tour t-shirt with 1976 stamped on it. 1987 was the year I was born.

Tomorrow you’ll get to see some real, actual art bought directly from the artist and I know at least two of you will love the irony of it.


i love your collection lb


i too have a homer hanky from that same year. the best and my most favorite world series ever was the 91 where jack morris pitched 10 shutout innings to win it for the twins. i have an 87 and a 91 hanky.


north facing wall is all my tools and workbench…needs a lot of organizing yet.

west wall is all of my fly fishing, camping and backpacking and outdoor cooking gear.

right next to that is a huge shelf wall that is on 5 inch casters so i can wheel it around if need be…that has my coolers and wall tent and other junk…and then on the end is the Kegerator.

east side wall is food storage w/ bins…and then some misc shelfs around the garage have yard and cleaning products on it.


My husband loved hearing this, Balv. <3


tell him kirby puckett is a God in my house.