Stuff I Live My Life Around


Do you ever listen to Jon Bois?


My office…my garage…all stuff I live my life around…sunsets…


no. not at all. i think i follow him on insta and other sb nation stuff. but i am truly not a football fan at all. i do the fantasy football cause it’s fun but i couldn’t tell you but a handful of players that play.

now, baseball on the other hand…


He does these funny baseball YouTube documentaries. I loved the one about the Mariners.


might have to check it out



My stepmother gave us this, she found it at a yard sale or some such. No reason other than ‘I thought of you when I saw it.’


i like it! the cross eyed cat!


This is a painting my father got when we lived in Brazil and I’m not sure if it was a gift or something he purchased, but he did get it directly from the artist’s people. The painter was known for being a drunkard and also favoring cock fights as his subject.

Detail pic


Kirby Puckett was a piece of shit of epic proportions.


That’s what my husband said too. This article made a huge impact on me. The contrast of what Kobe Bryant’s life was like vs. what happened to his rape accusers. This is America.


He gets a pass because he’s good at a child’s playground game and that’s what people is the US value.


i know



do i lose cred for cancelling ryan but still kind of loving puckett? i mean i don’t have any of his baseball cards.

his game style still brings me smiles. his hustle. the fact he looks like a pot belly pig and is just a gifted athlete…but HUGE PIECE OF SHIT.


You still listen to Adams though, right? How is that cancelling anything?


I was a big fan of Denny McClain and Pete Rose, but those guys weren’t the best human beings maybe… Ty Cobb, now that guy was a piece of shit.

Athletes are kind of like musicians I guess - a lot of them are really good at what they do, but I doubt if I would want to be friends with the actual people.

Of course Denny had all his bases covered.



his release of wednesday was just a final straw for me. it put a bad taste in my mouth. it made me NOT miss listening to those songs my bro and i would sit out on the stoop and smoke cigs to…

but damn i love la cienenga just smiled…sooooo much.
and dear chicago.

fuck how do i give those songs up?


*The Balvenie


You had cred to lose? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Tough room.


I don’t know. I was one of the most emotionally invested in DRA’s catalog and I automatically made the choice to shred everything. I can’t say why it was so easy for me where it isn’t for other people. I just don’t think people we admire or idolize should ever, ever, ever, FUCKING EVER be let off the hook for who they are morally and actionably.