Stuff I Live My Life Around


These are my guitars. Each one had a very specific concept behind how they were styled. The heavily modified Telecaster was based on my first car (a 1987 Buick), the Duo-Sonic was inspired by bowling alley trappings, and the Little Martin was based on white and blue chinaware.


Very nice!


Nice guitars.

I love the Dürer watercolor too. I am influenced by his work greatly along with so many others. I always gravitate towards his etchings and engravings, but appreciate his drawings and paintings too.


I like bunnies :rabbit:


I like to live my life around flowers.

The people who owned our house before us were great at gardening. A lot of what I have here I have just been maintaining for the last seven years we have been here.

These Crocus were here before me and I love them. I love yellow flowers in general and they’re the first sign that spring is coming! :blossom:


I wish I could like this more than once.


It seems like years since it’s been here.


My friend makes felted sculptures. He made this doll portrait of his dad. He’s also made a lemur that was about 12” high and a really nice Trump voodoo doll.


I may have shared this on here before, I remember a comment “ he’s holding a tele”.


Plus he’s got a really cute Corgi.
I want one.


My view out my office window. Our Japanese cherry tree is in bloom.


I got a canvas art print to finish my basement living room I made for myself. It arrived today!