Sturgill Simpson's Sound and Fury


This is from the release of the new album at Amoeba Hollywood. They did an album signing / meeting but there was no in-store performance which was disappointing. They gave everyone at the signing a wristband however to see the premier of Sturgill’s anime film. The film is basically a music video for the full length of the album. The anime was authentic and well-crafted. It had some live action scenes as well that were very abstract and trippy. They were going with a Kurosawa vibe with those scenes; like in his film Dreams.


Nice post mr. gay.


There’s a weird anime thing on netflix too.


Yes it is on Netflix



Whoah! Sound & Fury is TIGHT! Loving this!


That cover… or at least I think it is the cover, reminds me of this one.

One of my favorite albums from when I was a kid.

But scary.


I get that it’s a concept album and these tend to be hit or miss. I really enjoy this one. It moves along at a pace that makes it seem like it’s a much shorter album than it really is. What I don’t like about it is lack of consistent transition between songs. Several of them are cut at a point because of how the piece as a whole is structured so that makes for some disappointing track endings. It’s a common flaw in many modern concept albums. I remember the 2009 Decemberists album, Hazards of Love, being a great album with nice individual tracks but songs like The Queen’s Rebuke, a pretty powerful song just kind of ends abruptly because it’s supposed to merge straight into the next track.

I fucking hate this. :smiley:


I don’t know… I kind of like the whole album as a concept idea.

Of course, I was brought up with that sort of thing - See The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and Thick as a Brick.

Haven’t heard this one complete, but I liked some of the songs that I heard individually on U-tube.