Summer travels 2019 - Where ya headed?


Not sure where we will land but here is our plan:

We are headed out on July 5th by car for a 12 day wander. Going west through Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, and Wyoming. (possibly Montana) Our turn around point will be Yellowstone/Wind River/Tetons area. We will be camping and doing hotels on the cheap. Hopefully driving through/near Thunder Basin National grasslands, Big Horn National Forest, Badlands, and Shoshone National Forest. Taking pictures, hot springs, and doing some hikes.

Planning on rereading some David James Duncan, Edward Abbey, and Annie Dillard to set my mind to the scene.


all great choices for land and books.

might i suggest you make the trip/trek to cooke city and the beartooth pass …up by yellowstone park.


Will make it happen captain.Thanks for the prompt.


you won’t regret it.

cooke city and beartooth are can’t miss stops. they’re out of the way, but you’ll be transported to the 1950’s


Sounds perfect. I love high passes.


This sounds awesome. Please post your pictures. I still have never been any farther west than Chicago, so I’d love to see as much as you want to share. And i’d Really like to go someday. :mountain_snow: :sunrise:


Can do LB!


We went to Oregon in May (through ND, Montana & Idaho), and are planning on Winnipeg later this summer (I’ve never been to Canada). Also a lot of little mini weekend trips throughout the summer.


I’m going to St. Petersburg, FL to my mom’s place next Friday for a long weekend with my mom, sister-in-law and niece.

Saving most of my vacation days for a trip home to Baltimore thanksgiving week. Took a few days off in September too for a music festival weekend.


We’ve been talking about taking a trip up north (in Michigan).

My friend has a cabin near the Ruby Creek/Walhalla area, west of Baldwin on the Pier Marquette River. I usually try to get up to that general area every summer. I may even venture to the UP if it works out.


Work. I’ll be traveling to work every day.




A few family members are visiting us, one cabin camping trip with two other families, but we’re not leaving the state.


We already took our road trip down the coast. Looks like we just beat fire season. We’ll probably go on some hikes and venture around WA but that’s about it.


We’re heading to Denver in a couple weeks with the kids for a family vacation. They’ve never seen the mountains, we like Colorado (although Erics there for work all the damn time), and it’s only about an 8 hour drive.


About 8 weeks until we go to Southwold, Suffolk coast. Lovely unspoilt English seaside town with a weird pier and lots of good pubs. Can’t wait.


The usual for me…hikes and rafting

Big trip for me in September is a 2 week excursion into far north eastern Saskatchewan.

Lots of fishing and camping.


And more wonderful pics hopefully.


definitely buddy!!!


Three trips. Maine (there right now), western part of South Carolina, and then Outer Banks for a beach week.

Really looking forward to the beach.