Summer travels 2019 - Where ya headed?


We’re going up to Lake Superior, but first we’ll go back to Door County. We are checking out Washington Island, just north of the Door County peninsula. In August, we’re going up to Marquette on Lake Superior. After three years of living in Virginia, I’m very happy to spend time in the cool north.


I want to go back to Maine. The coast there is a treat. Enjoy the northern woods.


Thanks. I got my MFA from USM in Portland. Always nice to visit.


they have an amazing squash center there…bring your racquet!


Sanibel island. End of July. I am flying with four kids, which should be interesting


Good for u nick


Sounds like the beginning of a Rom-Com, starring Steve Carrell or Will Farrell.


Still unemployed, so no travelling plans. I did go to Montreal for a few days in May.


We made it to South Dakota last night. 64 degrees made for great sleeping. Headed towards Badlands area today. Pics to follow.


I’m going up to San Francisco for a few days in October where I’ll be meeting my mom and other family who live near there.

I’m thinking about going to Thailand in November.

But I’m also just thinking about getting a car and doing a roadtrip. It’s been over 3 years since I was in an epic car wreck but I think I’m finally sane enough to get behind the wheel again


Heading to Beartooth pass tomorrow. Excited about the alpine views and flowers. The RV is our current home/ride for this trip. The last photo is the rig of a couple tracking around the world. Pretty crazy.


South Dakota has some beautiful scenery, no doubt. How far West are you going? Oregon is breathtaking in some areas, I’ve been there three times and am already looking forward to going back again, it’s pretty amazing.


We are stopping at Yellowstone, and then heading back on a different route. My wife wants to hit a hot spring or two in southern Wyoming. Then we meander back to the Midwest. 11 day trip. We are thinking Idaho for next year. 55 degrees this morning,


fuck yeah dude!!!

you’re gonna love beartooth pass. very jelly


idaho is cool

montana is better :wink:




More to follow… minimal phone reception.


Appreciate your recommendation Rod. :smiley: Great experience.



i’m so happy you did it bud!!!

just a little slice of heaven up there.

were you able to make it to Cooke City??? and have a beer