Take me out to the ball gay


I don’t think he’s putting anything into baby machines.


Fortunately for me Ryry lost his career and doesn’t go to that location anymore


Kept freezing. I gave up.

EDIT: Nevermind, that was gay



not sure how you do it, but that gave me the tingles!!!

again, needs more paxam and hobo in the background…

any chance you can toilet paper paxam for me??? for monkey?

for all of humanity?


Ryan Adams already tp’d his career so I’m good.

But if Nick ever wanted to photoshop Ryan’s face onto Gary Glitter’s body I would greatly appreciate that.


A lot of bums camp out in front of paxam. I’ll make an interview video where I ask some crackhead thoughts on Ryan Adams then I’ll try to convince him to climb over the fence and ransack the place. I’m surprised no one has done that yet


TikTok mother fucker!!!

and thank you!


Why don’t you totally destroy a Ryan Adams cover in front of PaxAm?


yeah…scream a song at the top of your lungs…

“Hard-ons now that it’s over”


Please, do not take my career.


Best idea yet. Don’t let us down, mr. gay.


La federales just smiled, and waved goodbye…


La Cienega Just Reported Me To The Authorities


Why Do They Leave? Oh. Right.


16 Day (That’s All They Gave Me)


Yeah I think I can light a fire there as long as it’s in a controlled space like a grill or a firepit


Or a camping stove. I could just be a hobo cooking up my dinner but instead of pulling out a can of beans I pull out Prisoner and Ashes & Fire


Do something people would know.


make a kebab station and SCREAM LOUDLY!