Take me out to the ball gay


TikTok mother fucker!!!

and thank you!


Why don’t you totally destroy a Ryan Adams cover in front of PaxAm?


yeah…scream a song at the top of your lungs…

“Hard-ons now that it’s over”


Please, do not take my career.


Best idea yet. Don’t let us down, mr. gay.


La federales just smiled, and waved goodbye…


La Cienega Just Reported Me To The Authorities


Why Do They Leave? Oh. Right.


16 Day (That’s All They Gave Me)


Yeah I think I can light a fire there as long as it’s in a controlled space like a grill or a firepit


Or a camping stove. I could just be a hobo cooking up my dinner but instead of pulling out a can of beans I pull out Prisoner and Ashes & Fire


Do something people would know.


make a kebab station and SCREAM LOUDLY!


I almost spit my water when I read this.


Come pick me up (parole violation)

When the stars go blue (referencing officers in uniform)

Probably the best known tracks.

Waves had my favorite parody title, something like quinceanera just smiled


I think I said la catorce just smiled in the other thread, but quinceanera is pretty good too


eagerly awaiting you’re next video sir.

hurry up



What percentage of TikTok is young women lip-syncing forgettable pop songs?


I give up…