Venison Pasties!

The flank steak was a little pricey so I used some venison that my buddy shot a couple weeks ago.

Very tasty, I’m sure our friends up in the UP have thought of this generations ago, but it’s the first time i’ve Used this meat.


I spatchcocked a small turkey, cooked it in the instant pot for an hour, then transferred it to broil in the oven. WAY BETTER than how I’ve cooked turkey in the past.

That being said, is there anything more Caucasian and unexciting as turkey?


Well I got a fresh turkey this year and couldn’t help but notice how sexy it felt while I was setting it in the brine.



The turkey or you?
I did a dry brine for 24 hours.


That sounds like it might chafe.


The turkey. It was supple.


Going to be a different year for sure. My little granddaughter Haven will still be in the hospital and my daughter and son-in-law won’t be able to attend. My other daughter booked a flight months ago to come home and see the baby, but won’t be able to see her or her sister because of COVID.

My folks are still in lockdown across town and we won’t be able to see them either.

Still, we are grateful for everything we have and each other. It has been an absolute nightmare the last couple weeks. Haven is still in the recovery bay at the hospital and there have been some more challenges to deal with… they did unhook from the ventilator last night for a couple hours and she did well. The nurses said they are hoping that she’s turning the corner.

On top of all that, my daughter’s car broke down yesterday in Ann Arbor and she had to get it towed to two different garages - only to find out today the engine is dead and her car is totaled.

Yesterday was such a tough day for all of us, but I can only imagine how difficult it has been for her. Alone, in isolation dealing with her baby fighting for her life she hasn’t even been able to hold.

Reports from the hospital are better today, and she looks good!


love and hugs doug.

haven is a beauty.


Sweet sweet girl. Thanks for the update Dougo. Man that is tough.


Thinking about all of and that baby girl :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


Haven Marie ditched that breathing tube this morning and is breathing fine without it. Numbers look good! Hopefully her mama will be able to hold her later today!!!


That’s some really good news!


I’m glad things are getting better for your grand baby! I know how testy things feel when you aren’t able to bring your babies home. I’ve done it three times and it’s never easy. I just always had to tell myself “he\she is where they need to be.” Hang in there!


Three times would be cruel and unusual punishment, Nick.

I’ve said she’s in the right place to myself many times. And she is definitely in the best place to get through this. My daughter got to hold her baby for the first time in nine days today. Little victories day by day.


Here’s my daughter with an ear to ear grin holding her daughter for the first time in 9 days.


Aww that’s great. I hope she just keeps getting stronger. :heart:


Can you share your brine recipe? I want to try out brining this year. I have a 7 lb breast.


I think I may have used a premade mix last year. I’ll look for one to link. It’s all house hold ingredients. Most important to brine in the fridge (I’d put it in a trash bag x3)overnight or longer. No one here really likes turkey so that’s the way it seems most tolerable when we do make it (steak this year). If anyone is into dipping bread and oil, this is this got damned bomb.


For the brine-inclined, looks like the ratio is 4 tablespoons salt to 4 cups water. I’ll probably do a little less (3 tbsp).