Venison Pasties!

The flank steak was a little pricey so I used some venison that my buddy shot a couple weeks ago.

Very tasty, I’m sure our friends up in the UP have thought of this generations ago, but it’s the first time i’ve Used this meat.


I spatchcocked a small turkey, cooked it in the instant pot for an hour, then transferred it to broil in the oven. WAY BETTER than how I’ve cooked turkey in the past.

That being said, is there anything more Caucasian and unexciting as turkey?


Well I got a fresh turkey this year and couldn’t help but notice how sexy it felt while I was setting it in the brine.



The turkey or you?
I did a dry brine for 24 hours.


That sounds like it might chafe.


The turkey. It was supple.