They are going to try another time to remove Haven’s breathing tube tomorrow. Last time her right lung partially collapsed and they had to remove a lot of fluid in and around her lungs. Hopefully, she’ll be able to keep both lungs fully operational and be able to keep breathing on her own fine. They have dropped her oxygen way down to nothing and she seems to be doing OK. Her little smile is from the gas bubbles they saw on the X-ray.


Hoping for the best for that little sweet pea.




She got extubated today! She is doing well so far breathing on her own. It will be a tense couple of days, but we’ve become kind of use to that. She is such a sweet little girl and they found she has a gall stone last night - which had been causing her lots of pain and discomfort.



Crying happy tears is a nice change.


Congrats, buddy!


love this dougo!

also, i’m sorry i narrowly beat you on fantasy football this week. it was not looking too good for me two nights ago.



I didn’t even know I had a team. It’s usually better that way.


So my granddaughter Haven is doing so great they are saying she may come home from the hospital tomorrow. She’s 8 weeks old and has spent her entire life in the hospital. This is the outcome we barely allowed ourselves to dream of.

Oh, and I forgot to mention she’s the most beautiful baby in the world.


Great news Dougo.


She is gorgeous, Dougo! Congrats, sir!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Thankful for you guys, and the time I spend with you every day. :turkey:


Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I’m up early having coffee. Though I’m not in Baltimore with my family this year, I will carry on the tradition of recording the parade and the dog show and have them on in the background while I’m cooking.

I’m thankful for my job, my family and friends, my dog and my cat and most of all Steve. I’m also thankful for our group here. People leave, new people join, old friends return and we manage to keep this happy place going year after year.

Wishing only good things for all of you. :peace_symbol:


Happy thanksgiving to you all on the other side of the pond. Thankful for the group here, been through most (if not all) of the incarnations. Hope you all have a wonderful day.


Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


happy thanksgiving all. i feel more blessed and thankful and grateful each year. it’d be nice if monkey and egg were still on here…miss them.

but you all fill in just fine :slight_smile: plus we have some great newbies here…
ham and turkey sandwiches for the last 3 days …it’s time for a bone broth and protein shake detox.


My granddaughter Haven takes her first steps.

A year ago it seemed like she might not come home from the hospital. She’ll always be my little Victor.


ha! look at the beautiful smile!!!

first steps are the best. definitely one of the happier moments of being a dad and mom. that was just so fun to witness


That “I’m kind of proud of myself” smile means an awful lot to me.

Thanks Balv.