That’s so wonderful. I teared up!


My sweet granddaughter Haven was playing outside the other day… it got up to 60°.

Her boots were seemingly made of lead though and she just stood there in place watching her whacko brother running circles around her.


Look at those rosy cheeks. Little beauty. :heart:


Thanksgiving is upon us!
It’s my favorite holiday.

Plus I’m trying to bump some threads to get the smell a celebrity pussy thread off my main screen.

I am off all week next week and heading to Baltimore to spend thanksgiving with my family for the first time in 3 years. :heart:

What’s everyone else up to?


I’ll be at work, alone, because I’m the low man on the totem pole. “Yay!”


My Mom visits every year around this time (her bday is the 21st) and we’re playing a bunch while she’s here. Everyone knows her so it’s fun. We have a big dinner and invite folks with no family in town. It’s my favorite holiday too.


Don’t you own your own business?


Family is visiting, working Monday, but taking off the rest of the week. Hyped. Bought a prepared meal for Thursday from a French place. Might do a bit of skateboarding with family or basketball.

I’ll also be monitoring Monkey’s activity via Ring to make sure he isn’t slouching.


I had the smallest stake in a business and it was sold. My dumb ass stayed on (now way too long).




Happy Thanksgiving, friends. :yellow_heart:

I’m thankful for all of you and for us still having this place to hang out.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

As LB said, thankful for all of you and this place after all these years


I hope everyone has a great day.


Have a good day all my US friends :grinning:


Have a great time, LB!
Safe travels!

I’ve contributed to the cause & bumped a bunch of threads up with useless posts. :facepunch:


Nice! :kissing_heart: