The Black Crowes – The Band... Unreleased Album


I was wondering if anyone here might have this? And if so, would be so kind as to add to the box. I started a bit of a love affair with The Black Crowes/CRB a couple weeks ago & would be interested in getting this missing piece. Thanks!!


I have everything. :blush:


Seriously though.
I have a ton of soundboards if you want. Crowes and CRB.

Let me know if you want to make a separate Dropbox.


Totally cool! I picked up all the official Crowes & CRB stuff. Studio & Live albums. And recently I’ve also upgraded my casual Tom Petty fandom to an all out obsession digesting his entire catalog as well. I’ve got lots of listening waiting in the wings. So for now…I’d really just appreciate The Black Crowes - The Band… Unreleased Album from '97, I think? I truly appreciate your generosity.


Happy to share. I’ll add to box this weekend.

One time I saw the dream pairing of The Black Crowes opening for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.


Thank you ever so kindly!! That must have been a damn cool show.


I was wondering if you might be able to add The Black Crowes - The Band… Unreleased Album to the box. I’d sure appreciate it.


I added it several days ago. You haven’t seen it in there yet?


No, I don’t see it anywhere in there.


Do you see all the other stuff I added last weekend?

Watch house, T. Hardy Morris, phosphorescent, rose city band?


No, I don’t see any of it. The only thing new I see is Dougo’s Jason Isbell folder.


Ok. I’m restarting my computer and will try to connect again.




It looks like it’s syncing now. I added a bunch of stuff last weekend so it may take a few.


Thanks again!! I appreciate it.


@LBSUNFLWR What do you think of the new Black Crowes stuff with Charlie Starr? 1972 EP?

I saw them on TV doing a cover of Papa Was a Rolling Stone and I just thought it was OK.

I love Easy to Slip by Little Feat, but most of the other covers weren’t too appealing to me.


Crazy but I haven’t listened yet.
Bad fan this week.

I’ll let you know.