The Boss thread


It was going to happen sooner or later this thread

Coming to HBO


already downloaded it here

go get it eggers!



perhaps the canadian one will be different? but same director/creator

so i doubt it

gonna watch it this weekend!


Ah well, at least you got a thread out if it.


and i love you for it.

the boss needed his own thread but i didn’t want to be the fanboi that did it


Yeah the tension was building up there. Someone had to do it. I’m taking one for the team :wink:


By the way I finally got a cheap used hard copy

Hard back too

I just need a holiday now


you’re gonna love it.

it’s a really quick read…at least it was for m e


I’m really hoping it’s one of the good ones.


huhuh. Hardback.



I’ve got a couple friends who played in a band and were huge Springsteen fanatics back in the 80’s. Two of them made a pilgrimage to New Jersey to try to check out some of his favorite haunts in the Asbury Park area. They went into the Stone Pony (I believe it is called) where Bruce and his crew quite often used to hang out and hold court. They had been there about an hour when the man himself came in. Everybody knew his name. They actually had a chance to meet him and said he was just as cool and approachable as you’d imagine. No pictures, just a handshake and nice little chat. He was duly impressed that they’d driven all the way from Michigan.

Nice to hear about people meeting their idols and not being disappointed.


yep stone pony!

i continue to hear, read and see people tell their stories about bruce and how nice he has always been.




I have an old copy of The River songbook with some great photos and great songs.



love it! coffee stains and all :wink:


Yeah, he’s crying like that statue of Christ.


really loved the early stuff in the book - the old Asbury Park stories and the road trips etc (and actually the Stone Pony doesn’t get mentioned much, but I guess the other places are probably gone). The stories about the recordings up to Born In The USA are very entertaining too. The tours are dealt with pretty quickly, but I guess that could have been a whole book itself and they didn’t want to make it a 1,000 page book.


That’s not coffee.


brown jism?



I still remember the time I got those three chords just right!