The Boss thread



He should have played 41 Shots.


i love the msg of that song but don’t like it at all.

i would have loved a this land is your land cover like he used to do in the 80’s


J Lo scooped him on This Land is Your Land.


Just read an article on the making of Tunnel of Love.

@thebalvenie what is your feeling about that album?


Would you share a link? I have a soft spot for that album, even if the production is not the greatest. But then I actually don’t think that any Springsteen albums have great sound to be honest.


It was from an old Mojo magazine I had lying around, the Jan 2018 issue.

Not sure if it is available anywhere. is their website.


i love that album but i think the title track sucks.


He definitely shouldn’t have played Tunnel of Love at the inaugural.


he should of played I’m On Fire




Oh, come on. Give the guy a break. He’s not Jason Isbell.


More importantly, he’s not Ryan Adams.


C’mon guys, he was test driving a jeep.


In the middle. Between his house and the bar.


I’m surprised it wasn’t huge news 3 months ago when the arrest actually happened. :thinking:
I’m also surprised about the drinking & driving. Bruce is the last person I would imagine as someone who drives around intoxicated. Glad there wasn’t an accident involved.


I hate to say it but I would guess he has very good ‘handlers’ and the got it muffled down a bunch.



never did see that movie. indian runner i believe? anyone know if it’s any good?