The Boss thread


That’s a great story.

I went to Graceland one time with my kids and wife on the way home from down south. I wanted to stay there in Memphis and see some of the sites. We were all doing pretty well with the drive, and it was raining like hell. I shot a picture of my kids at the gate and we jumped back on the highway and drove the other 10 to 12 hours home.

“No, I’m not stopping - get comfortable”. PrickDad strikes again!



Pitchfork reviewed Born in the USA, which made me listen to it again after some time. Both I’m on Fire and Working on the Highway haven’t aged so well, but I guess we covered that here.

Then there’s Child Bride, which is a truly great song that hasn’t been released. Maybe one day we’ll get the full Nebraska tapes.


Also read the bitchfork review - pretty good. Strangely enough, I am currently rereading the (excellent) 33 1/3 book on the album. Bring on the Nebrska/BITUSA box, I say!



Was it Stevie or, like, Silvio who authored this?

(Is this for real? “I might even have been financially secure enough to have kids of my own.” The financial hardships after playing in one of the biggest and most legendary rock bands in the US … wish he had run this by the character Catherine LeFevre of the “Car Wash” song …)



Was just going to post that one. They do not make 'em like that anymore (and I love that song to pieces).