The Illegal Movie Thread


any of you summabitches use a “jailbroken” Amazon Firestick or other devise with the Kodi app to watch movies for free? what add-on do you use for movies? any good available movie suggestions out there.

asking for a friend. obviously i would never do something like this.


We download our movies, put on a flash drive and then watch on our tv.

Read the movie thread. Tons of suggestions in there. We watch a lot of movies in my house. If you want to mail me a flash drive I’ll fill it up for you. Like a 120 or 240 gb.


I just sit in a chair outside my neighbor’s living room.


Torrent day
And gig stick
Or my plex server


The magic dragon is still worth a try, as is exodus v6. And if all else fails, elementum (previously quasar) is great, it uses torrents instead of direct streams, but it seems to be the most reliable out of all the apps I’v… I mean, that my friend has used


yeah i’ve been having a lot of success lately with Exodus being reincarnated. that’s it though at least for the most part.

i don’t think i’ve tried elementum. thanks for the rec. i’ll check it out. cheers.


Pass the popcorn
IP torrents

You have to maintain a ratio on both. Have to seed at least.


Never been able to get into PTP. And now the signups are closed, sadly. I sometimes use, that’s pretty decent


My boyfriend had a friend who got him in. It has everything. If he ever earns an invite I’ll let you know.


That would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!