The Movie Thread



one of my favorite things ever that happened on Conan :wink:


Just went looking at TV’s. I’m just going to stay home until the weather gets warm again and watch movies.


Does that mean you got one?


no, I just wanted to see what Costco had, since we’re members there, before I go to Best Buy.
Seems like Best Buy is the place to go. I may just buy it before the furniture bc so many tvs are on sale right now!


I don’t see how to quote your post in my post. Guess I just hit reply?


I would…or wait until the Super Bowl. TVs are back to Chrismas prices then.


We usually have friends over for the Super Bowl so I’d like to have it before then! Plus now I’m all excited to get rid of our ancient 32 inch tv that I can’t wait. It’s ridiculous that we’ve waited this long…


yeah, well you’ve never seen Willem Defoe in HD.


Can’t wait to.


I thought that ‘The thin Red Line’ was a very poetic war film.

The beauty of the landscape when Adrien Brody was making his way up the hill to the enemy pillbox still sticks with me. Love Malick.

It was very human. Penn was the mind (reason), Brody was the heart (compassion), and Caviezel was the spirit (wisdom).



Re: Mac and me- I own this movie!


i know mel gibson is a POS drunk. i was a big fan back in the day…just kind love that charismatic sob.

made the family watch apocalypto the other weekend…damn i forgot how amazingly stunning that movie is…storywise, cinematography and the sound…


Watched Amonalisa last night. . fucking fantastic .


Watched this last night.

I liked it more than I thought I would. It’s more depressing than I expected. I still think the original Office is essential and utterly perfect. This movie isn’t essential. It’s decent, but I think it suffers for two reasons 1) Gervais fatigue and 2) no Stephen Merchant. The more time that goes by, the more I realize that the humanity and heart of The Office and Extras is Stephen Merchant.

The TV Thread

I’ve not seen the movie yet but I watched all the episodes of the original UK Office about 2 weeks back. Not seen it since the first broadcasts. On reflection, so many great characters but Dawn Tinsley on reception totally steals it.


YES! Her character is so perfectly written. It’s amazing how beautiful she looks in the two specials too.


Dawn Tinsley = Pam Beasley.

I’ve never seen the original Office, but watched the American version religiously.
Wonder if it’s on one of those new aps I’ll be getting??


I think if you watched the British version, you wouldn’t have been able to watch the American version. I know I wasn’t able to. The original Office is still perfect.12 episodes plus the two-part special finale.


I’ve never watched either version of The Office.

Was I going somewhere with this? Jesus.