The Movie Thread


I’ve had to walk away from it twice. The story’s not original by any means. I saw something very similar to this late last year that was an under the radar kind of film and it was better.


Blue :heart:


Cute movie. Surprised I never saw it before.
I like Joseph Gordon Levitt.


you never saw 500 days of summer?? it’s worth watching solely for the soundtrack alone.

this is actually one of my all time favorite movies… aside from the phenomenal soundtrack, it wound up being a mind-fuck movie for those who have ever been in a relationship where the perception of reality turned out to be skewed.


I know, The Smiths references alone had me.

it was very cute.


Watched this again the other night.
Just as fun as the first time! :heart:


Watched Mudbound tonight.
Hard to watch but good movie!


Better than I expected. The first 40 mins was slow and I was going to give up but it picked up after that and it was actually was pretty fun.


i thought Baby Driver was shit. i don’t get it, and i’m not sure the producers or director “got it” either when they were conceptualizing the film. during the 10 minute car chase opening i thought the movie was trying to ironic… maybe satirize the Fast & the Furious franchise. then it got slow. then it got ridiculous. then it got more ridiculous. and then by the time the credits were rolling i’m pretty sure they hit every Hollywood movie cliche in the book, in an un-ironic sense.

but fans and critics alike all loved it, so maybe my taste in movies sucks.


I don’t understand the great reviews, either. It was not on my list of movies-to-watch but Rodknee said it was OK and Monkey said that he liked it so I thought I’d check it out.

I haven’t seen any of the F&F movies so I didn’t even watch it with that in mind. But it was definitely slow and to be honest, I didn’t know where it was going for the first 40 mins. I was going to stop watching it when Baby took the girl out to dinner but then Doc showed up and I decided to keep watching it. For me it finally got interesting when Bats got killed. That’s when I really started to pay attention and it was a mess from there! Like you said ridiculous but I thought, something is finally happening! And I loved the foster dad. He was sweet. The movie was nothing special but for me crazy Jon Hamm was pretty fun to watch.

While writing this post, I did a little research.
I saw that the director/writer is the director/writer for The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy with Simon Pegg. So I thought, "oh so it was supposed to be a comedy!"
but he says in an interview, “While there’s a lot of funny stuff, I don’t want people to get the wrong idea and think it’s going to be like ‘Hot Fuzz.’ I read one review saying the first half was a great action comedy, but the second half gets really dark. Well, that was the intention. It’s not by mistake — it’s by design.”


Absolutely loved this:

But I knew I would.


Will probably go see that next weekend, can’t wait!


Saw Lady Bird last night, not bad. Better than The Post.


Everyone I have talked to has said The Post is just ok. Wonder why it’s getting nominated. Just bc something has previous Oscar Winning actors and director doesn’t mean it should be automatically nominated.

I’d rather see I, Tonya or The Big Sick get a best picture Nomination if The Post is just ok…


Maybe it’s a rule: if Meryl’s in it, we’ve got to nominate it.


And Hanks.


And Spielberg.


Just put on Demolition with Jake Gyllenhaal, any one seen this ?


Looking forward to seeing Black Panther but I won’t be watching it for a while so I watched Captain America: Civil War last night to see Black Panther’s debut again:



Saw Baby Driver, liked it a lot. I thought the opening scene was one of the best scenes ever, but that has to do with my love for the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

Bell Bottoms!