The Movie Thread


We just watched Phantom Thread, not sure why we bothered. It looked lame and it was. Boo :-1:t2:



Mr. Isbell tweeted about this a while ago and said how much he liked it, so we downloaded it and finally watched it. Good one.


Watched two throwback movies last night. I liked them both:




loved The Big Chill back in the day, sure it holds up pretty good .


Yeah. My parents loved this movie when I was a kid and I actually never saw it until the other night. Good actors and great soundtrack too.


one of my top-5 movies ever.


TOP 5:
Touch of Evil
All the rest


Finally saw Mother! last night. Holy shit, what a great film.


Kinda disappointed ladybird didn’t win anything. Mudbound too. Both were up against heavy competition in each category. I would have loved to see The Big Sick win something too but I think it won at the Independent awards.

Pretty boring Oscar show which is why I DVR and skip through all the stuff I don’t care much about and the hundreds of commercials.

I liked The Shape of Water but I don’t think it was the best movie last year.


Eddie Vedder singing Tom Petty Room at the Top was the highlight of the show.

Some of the movie clip montages were nice too.


highlights of the show:

eddie vedder, sam rockwell winning, alison janey’s speech and mentioning joanne woodward, and frances mcdormand winning

the shape of water was a pointless and stooopid movie…3 billboards and i, tonya were amazing examples of how a movie and story should be made/told.

the director for shape of water is one of my all time fave directors…that movie was ridiculous.


anyone else find it appalling that the rapist kobe bryant got an oscar on #metoo night?


No one else bothered by Kobe the rapist Bryant’s Oscar win?


Didn’t see any of that Oscar night stuff… Or NBA all star weekend stuff.


Watched this last night. I didn’t see the original so I can’t compare it to that but this one was entertaining.






Watched this last night. I was going to skip it but a friend told me how much he enjoyed it so I decided to check it out and it turned out to be pretty good.
A fun and entertaining feel-good movie. :+1:t2:



Loved this! Paddington 1 was fun but this was even better. Funny, fun, witty, a real delight from start to finish.