The Movie Thread




I didn’t see that one.
I’ll have to check it out!



Just watched an excellent movie. Emotional story, highly recommend:


That is David Lynch’s most normal movie.


Yeah. It’s rated G!
I loved it.


Watched the Daniel Craig 007 movies last week.

Now watching all the MI movies.



My fave is skyfall and ghost protocol


Skyfall’s my favorite, too!
And I loved all the Tom Ford clothes :heart: in Spectre.


Spectre is wonderful but the 2nd best is c Royale!!


Me, too. I liked Casino Royale second and then Spectre.
I didn’t bother to watch Quantum Of Solace because someone told me it was not that good.


It’s good
It’s a necessary part of the series

It’s just not nearly as good as the rest


I thought so when I saw Spectre but it didn’t seem like I missed anything out of the storyline even though I didn’t watch it.
I’ll go back and watch it after I finish the MI series.


Agreed. I think Padington 2 is better than the first and the first was charming as fuck.


Watched this the other day.
McConaughey was great, the movie not so much. It was ok and it took a while to get interesting.
Loosely based on the 1993 Bre-X mining scandal.




Watched this last night. Entertaining heist movie.


A good one for sure


Watching this tonight:


Watched that the other day. Enjoyed it enough.