The Movie Thread


we took the little one to ocean’s 8

it was cute and fun

hannah was on a school trip for a week in NYC and DC!!!

she loved every minute of it and thinks she’s a big fuckin deal


double feature for us this weekend.

went to incredibles 2 and the new jurassic world

great double feature :slight_smile:


Keep reading great things about this. Must see it!


Looking forward to seeing Jurassic World.
For me, it doesn’t come out until July so I have to wait a couple more weeks.



Watched these recently. Some of them are repeats:

(in no particular order)




*Not a Star Wars fan but I’ll be going to see this on Monday:


Solo was really fun!
Not being a Star Wars fan I wasn’t sure I’d really like it so I turned down a couple of invites to go watch it but I’m really glad I finally decided to go see it.


we went and saw the new ant man.

we all loved it. but it’s paul rudd so it’s an automatic like :slight_smile:


Finally going to get to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom today!
Blue! :heart_eyes:




Got a bit of a cold yesterday, feeling pretty ordinary, watched half of this last night, might try and finish today, not a real world beater but probably just what I needed . Battle Of The Sexes .


We liked it. Didn’t love it but it was well worth watching.


Yeah, just finished it LB, good little movie, with a nice message, can’t be too many of them now can there .:grinning:




Watched this again the other day for the one-hundred-millionth time.:heart:


Looks like Vision and RA are friends ~

“I loved the movie. I went to see the movie and I loved it,” Bettany shared with MTV.
I knew some real dyed-in-the-wool nerd fans, Ryan Adams, for instance, who was like, ‘It’s so fantastic, I love it!’ and then he went to see it again. I took him to the premiere and then he went to see it again. It was confusing to me. I thought the story was so great, I thought the execution was so great, so it was surprising, to me.”


Not a fan of westerns but it turned out to be pretty good.
Fun movie. :+1:t2:
I think I saw it years ago when it first came out but I didn’t remember any of it.



I wasn’t expecting much but I ended up enjoying it a lot!
Turned out to be a really fun movie.


Saw this umpteen years ago when it first came out.
While watching it again, I noticed that the look and feel of the movie was very was similar to Pirates of the Caribbean.
Besides that, Oliver Platt has the same bandana thing on his head as Jack Sparrow.
And there’s also a fight scene on a ship and they’re mistaken for pirates.

The poster is similar, too.
Either way, it was a fun movie.


Deadpool 2 Super Duper Cut is available digitally.
Going to watch it tonight!