The Movie Thread


Did you go see it, Dougo?


I haven’t yet.

My wife sounded disinterested when I brought it up.


I hope you get to see it.


If my husband gave up every time I sounded disinterested, we’d never do anything he wants to do.


I hear you.

I’ll try another pitch for it in a few days.

Problem is i’ve Turned down so many of her movie requests because I hate alien movies about the world ending and such.


There’s always the “go alone” option.


Sounds fair. I’m glad she likes alien world ending movies though. Better than films about crying.

My husband set up a visit to one of his friends who lives out in bumfuck this weekend. He really just wants to check his property for mushrooms. I have zero interest in this but because he set it up and showed so much enthusiasm, I need to go or I’m an asshole. I’m pretty proud of his motivation.


Wife likes Sci-Fi stuff, but sees a lot of trauma at work and isn’t interested in anything related to war or violence. I completely understand this sentiment.

Occasionally, I may go out and see a film alone like Sister’s Brothers or Mad Max: Fury Road



I can’t really even sit through a whole movie. It seems like too much of a commitment.


I’m not really a movie person (obviously).

But now i’m watching The Birds for the umteen billionth time, because she wants to watch.

It’s a good movie, I love Alfred Hitchcock.


I was a movie person when I was married.
And then when I got divorced, I stopped watching movies. Like @inky, it felt like it was too much of a commitment.
And then @LBSUNFLWR suggested Silver Linings Playbook to me. I watched that and I was back into watching movies again. But not at the movie theater, again that was still too much of a commitment.
But I had to see Avengers: Infinity War and that, I had to see in a movie theater so I did and now I sort of go see movies in theaters again sometimes. I watch most of them at home though.

I hardly watch any TV shows so I watch movies instead.


We watch a lot of movies. Downloading them and watching from the sofa is the best! :upside_down_face:


we watch a lot of movies and shows too.


My wife and I have complete opposite tastes, I guess… in shows and movies.


My coworkers seem to watch a movie ever night. They know every show out there. I do like a good series (Narcos, Breaking Bad, Ozark, Twin Peaks)


We did both love Breaking Bad and Twin Peaks…

That’s about it.


You might like Ozark.


They’ll definitely like ozark


I looked for it but didn’t see it. Is it on Netflix or something?