The Movie Thread




Based on a true story. Was pretty good.


agreed. i remember liking it


seriously. This:






huh ?


You have to see this documentary. All of you.


Where did you watch it? Streaming somewhere?


is it playing in theaters or available anywhere? I don’t know.
I just know its an unbelievable story and I can’t believe it happened to these people and everyone needs to see it. I feel like I will never forget about it.


Wow, what a movie.
Hard to watch at times but damn good movie.


I have it in the queue but I haven’t watched much of anything lately.


Wanna see that, love me some Spike Lee Joints !


Watch it, monkey.


This was a lot of fun:



This was good:

Heartwarming ~ plus the CGI was amazing.


3 identical strangers was great.

all 4 of us watched it.

didn’t care for or finish the equalizer 2

now, on to the remake of papillon


I was watching Equalizer 2 last night.
Going to finish it tonight but I thought it was kind of sloooow…
And definitely not as good as the first one.

Let me know how you like the Papillon remake.


I won’t watch the Papillon redeux. The original holds up nicely.



I’m only going to watch it because I want to see shirtless Charlie Hunnam. :grin: