The Movie Thread


Once the joke is told, it’s not funny any more.

There are no remakes that are worth a second look.


Has anyone seen ‘The Other Side of the Wind’?

Will watch soon. Big Welles fan here. ‘Touch of Evil’ directors cut (w/o soundtrack music) best movie ever! Ever.


Equalizer 2 ~

The last 20 mins was the best part of the movie.


Watched it last weekend because of your recommendation. MAN.


I found it to be the worst and the most predictable
The train scene was the best

It needed more of that…

3.5 stars out of 5

Rewatched pulp fiction today
5 stars!!!


We’re going to see A Star is Born tonight.


Hope she likes it


We both liked it.


Finally saw this:

I thought it would be better. The beginning was kind of slow (for me anyway).
Maybe my expectations were too high…


So what’s next?



I have no idea what movies will be playing five years from now.


Just keep checking this thread. :wink:


They Shall Not Grow Old

I have seen it Dougo and it really is well worth watching.

I don’t think I am going to spoil anything here when I say that the movie runs for about 20 mins or so in the usual period grainy black & white footage and then transitions into living colour. Hard to describe but to say that it brings it to life is an understatement.


This film does intrigue me.


I did see the new Cohen Bros movie… or at least the first two-thirds of it.

Really enjoyed Tom Waits’ character and performance.


Going to see this tonight:


Saw this last night. I was a bit cynical at first (reminiscing about your dead son in artful black and white, hmmm) but he so obviously felt the same way that it was okay. Must-see.



Stoltz classics double feature tonight:


Add pulp fiction and you have a triple feature


We discussed that :slightly_smiling_face: but there was no way we’d make it through three movies on a Friday night.