The Movie Thread



Watched this last night and thought of @LBSUNFLWR (because it happened in KY).


Good one!! We liked it a lot.


Not every chapter was great but all of them were good, excellent film.


It’s finally here!!!



i saw this morning on reddit. damn! gonna be good


Yup! Yup!! Looks good!

Cap’s beard is gone, though :cry:
That beard looked so good on him…but he looks good without the beard, also. :heart_eyes:

Did you catch Hawkeye in Japan as Ronin? Very cool!


Watched this again last night.

Even better the second time :sparkling_heart:


This was good. Very sad but I liked it.


Then we watched this and I liked it even more:


tully was good.

was not in the mood to watch leave no trace. could tell it was good but could not do it.


When you’re in the mood, you should watch.
I liked both. Tully was more my speed though.


Watched Dunkirk the other day. that was good .


Watched this last night. Didn’t care for the first one, the second one was OK. This third one was better than the first two (IMO). Frank Martin is starting to grow on me. :heart:


This was really good. I’m not always in the mood for subtitles but I was talked into it and I’m glad I was:


I liked this for a lot of reasons but I am at a bar right now so I will type them out later. However it was a little bit slow moving in the first 60 or 70 minutes.


Keen to see this, hopefully sooon !


i love alfonso. okay so now i’m gonna pull the trigger on this


It’s Christmas.
We’re watching this again:

:heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse:


Just watched this. We liked it!